International conference: Transforming Sustainability

On 20 September, a conference on transformation of sustainability will be carried out in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference examines the meaning and relevance of sustainability in relation to contemporary socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues.

The questions that contributors aim to untangle are:

  1. How do people experience and value sustainability as a global trend, personal attitude and survival strategy?
  2. How does the lack of a common perspective on sustainability prevent future social and cultural transformations?
  3. Can we define sustainability as a dominant concept for universal social development or do we need to transform its meaning and adapt it to new social, cultural, and economic dilemmas?
  4. Can sustainable lifestyle and practices, such as recycling, organic food production, and responsible energy use, actually improve our health and subjective well-being?

Special emphasis at the conference is placed on mobility, energy consumption, waste management, agriculture, and gardening, as well as other human activities and practices that have a significant impact on the planet and wellbeing of current and future societies.

Time: 20 September 2019, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Venue: Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Hall of the Geographical Museum, Gosposka ulica 16, Ljubljana

Organised by: Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Slovenian Ethnology & Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Slovenia; Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Centre for Research in Social Inequalities and Sustainability, Croatia

Organising Committee: Dan Podjed, Lana Peternel, Katarina Polajnar Horvat, Saša Babič, Tatiana Bajuk Senčar, Mona Menets

This conference is a result of the "Invisible Life of Waste" project. The organisers acknowledge the project (ID: J6-9364) is financially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency.

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